February 2, 2023

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Deconstruction of Bill Gates’ agenda

from dr Joseph Mercola

Ever since COVID-19 first burst onto the scene, sharing ideas has been banned as a matter of principle. By sharing my views and those of various experts on COVID treatments and the experimental COVID vaccines during the pandemic, I have become a prime target of the White House, the political establishment and the global cabal.

Propaganda and pervasive censorship have been deployed to take control of every part of your life, including your health, your finances, and your food supply. Major media play a key role and have been instrumental in creating and fueling fear.

I’m republishing this article in its original form so you can see how progress has been.

In How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health, I presented parts 1 and 2 of investigative journalist James Corbett’s account of this unelected global health czar.

Part 1 examined how Gates, despite his lack of health or medical training, was able to monopolize global health. In Part 2, he laid out Gates’ plan to vaccinate the world’s population against COVID-19 (although there is no reason to assume that the plan would be limited to a single vaccine).

Here, in parts 3 and 4, found in the playlist above, Corbett delves into the motives, ideology and connections of Gates that seem to have shaped and are driving his post-COVID-19 plans for the world – plans that include an unprecedented campaign to control the world’s population in its entirety, from cradle to grave.