February 2, 2023

Pinoy Trekker

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Defeat the Bulldozer with Love: We will win

This story is about resilience and joy that we must hold on to while the bulldozer of tyranny seeks to destroy our freedom and dignity, and then force our crushed selves to thank the tyrants.

In this dystopian theater of the absurd, where the bulldozer goes in circles with no promise of relief, it takes a lot of resilience and a close connection to our inalienable joy to face the bulldozer and protect our hearts.

That dystopian theater of the absurd, a million cruel bulldozers driving round and round, working in unison, from horizon to horizon – and flattening everyone’s memory of dignity, personal autonomy and freedom of expression – this is how the world looks to so many today . It’s very abnormal. And yet here we stand, our hearts beating, and giving us strength to resist the tyrants.

The abuse however… the abuse is so insane it almost feels like a cartoon made by a sadistic cartoon director.

In New Zealand, Director-General for Security Rebecca Kitteridge is urging decent citizens to rat on their friends and neighbors. Here is the guardian:

“New Zealand is embarking on a tailored deradicalization program as the threat posed by those with violent anti-authority beliefs rises and its security agencies are urging the public at an unprecedented rate to report those showing signs of extremist action…

Rebecca Kitteridge, the director-general for security, said her agency’s caseloads are now split equally between violent extremism motivated by identity, belief and anti-authority views — a significant change from a year ago, when the latter was not in the threat landscape appeared .

Such views gained momentum during New Zealand’s Covid-19 lockdowns and vaccine roll-out, and some were shown during the occupation of Parliament Grounds.”

The official definition of “extremism” listed on the New Zealand government website is kind of odd: