February 2, 2023

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Great news, the healthy pet website is now Bark & ​​Whiskers!

Over the years, the Healthy Pets website has grown with the support of loyal zookeepers like you, who want only the best for their furry or feathered best friends. And now we’re taking our growth to the next level. I’m very excited to share the amazing news: Healthy Pets is expanding beyond the Mercola umbrella and into its own brand!

Introducing Bark & ​​Whiskers – a brand new, comprehensive website with integrative pet health strategies and advice straight from you!

New website and new name, but the goal is still the same

Although we are rebranding and getting a new website, our mission to help you take control of your pet’s health will never change. Through Bark & ​​Whiskers, I will continue to provide you with information you can use to improve your pet’s well-being and longevity, including species-appropriate nutrition advice, proactive pet care tips, natural home remedies, cute pet videos and much more .

Subscribers will continue to receive my free newsletter and enjoy the same benefits as with Healthy Pets on Bark & ​​Whiskers – no need to re-subscribe. The only difference is that instead of emails from Healthy Pets, you’ll soon be receiving my newsletter from Bark & ​​Whiskers.

Starting this week you will receive the new Bark & ​​​​Whiskers newsletter, where all new content will also be published exclusively. This content remains the same: the most up-to-date information on animal health.

Dispelling myths about pet nutrition perpetuated by Big Pet Food

One of my constant messages is that a biologically appropriate diet made from the freshest possible food is the first building block for good animal health. Unfortunately, the myths perpetuated by the pet food industry have managed to confuse many pet owners about what constitutes biologically appropriate nutrition for dogs and cats, leading them to believe that highly refined, starch-filled pellets are the best choice for a lifetime of nutrition are.

Big players in the pet food industry have funded the vast majority of pet food research and provided the majority of nutrition education in veterinary schools. They have quickly ignored the growing body of research and tens of thousands of “anecdotal reports” on the benefits of minimally processed, biologically appropriate diets from integrative veterinarians and pet owners in favor of studies examining their high-starch, ultra-processed products.

For example, a study that pet food companies love to promote states that dogs have adapted to high-starch pet foods1 and are therefore the ideal diet. But the question pet owners should ask themselves before believing that is: what really is best for pets? A diet that requires their bodies to adapt in order for them to survive, or a diet that feeds them naturally and is in tune with their innate metabolic machinery?

When you consider how high-carb, highly-processed pet food can put your pet at risk of obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and a host of other chronic health problems, it becomes clear that a nutritionally balanced, biologically appropriate diet that includes high-quality animal protein, moisture, healthy fats and a small amount of prebiotic-rich fiber with little to no starch are more beneficial.

And while the goal is to feed as much minimally processed fresh food as possible, sometimes (for financial or medical reasons) we have to make compromises; I’ll show you how to do what’s best for your pet, no matter your circumstances.

Ultimately, it’s up to pet owners like you to ask questions, seek better answers for your companion animals, and become knowledgeable advocates for your pet’s overall well-being. As you read my articles at Bark & ​​Whiskers, my goal is to provide you with valuable information that can help you make the wisest diet and lifestyle choices to help your pet thrive.

Your favorite items will be moved to Bark & ​​Whiskers

The most popular articles about healthy pets, which span a variety of topics that have helped pet owners navigate the ups and downs of pet parenting, are moving to Bark & ​​Whiskers where you can always read them and share relevant articles with others animal lovers. Some of our most popular items, which you will soon see on Bark & ​​Whiskers include:

The best vegetables to feed your dog or cat goodbye

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Don’t forget to visit the Bark & ​​Whiskers website and browse through the many items we currently have and new items we will be adding daily. I can’t wait to bring you more animal health information so you can make the wisest decisions for your animal companion. Let’s keep working together for the health and happiness of your pets!