February 3, 2023

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Meet Heidi

“I realized that a lot of fashion designers didn’t have the computer skills they needed to do it.” – Heide

“I came into the industry because of my computer skills”

Heidi Marie wanted to work as a fashion designer since she was a little girl.

After graduating from college with honors and a double major, she quickly discovered that the industry was grueling and highly competitive. So she settled for a boring administrative job in a completely different field.

In the meantime, she spent her nights sewing and designing her own collections, slowly building a portfolio. After 3 years she had her big breakthrough.

“I started in the industry because I had Adobe Illustrator on my resume along with the portfolio I created. I finally felt like my dreams had come true. I could say the words I’ve wanted to say since I was a little girl: ‘I’m a fashion designer.’”

Over the course of 10 years, Heidi worked her way up from assistant designer to partner in a design firm. This experience brought her to a realization.

“I noticed that a lot of designers coming out of fashion schools didn’t have the computer skills they needed.”

“I became a crazy person and put hundreds of hours into creating a course”

Heidi discovered that she could teach other aspiring designers Adobe Illustrator and earn a decent side income. So she started leading live workshops.

One of Heidi’s live workshops.

“I have been teaching live workshops for 5 years and have done them a few times a year. The feedback has always been tremendous.”

However, she didn’t feel like she had enough influence.

“There were some challenges with the live workshops. While the students loved the material, they found it too much content to absorb in the 10 hours. They said a recording they could repeat over and over would have been helpful.”

So Heidi doubled down on creating a self-paced course.

“Once I had the determination to do that, I became a crazy person. I put so much time into it. I put hundreds of hours into creating a course.”

When everything was ready, she offered it to her email list of 1,200 people — people who had previously attended her workshops.

“I took my course and emailed it to my list of 1,200 and I thought they would gobble it up.”

But that was not the case.

“I made a little over $1,000. With an email list of 1,200 emails and a course of 10+ lessons, I knew I could do a lot better.”

“I’ve been feverishly scouring the internet for resources”

Heidi was keen to make this work.

“I had a strong desire and determination. I frantically scoured the web for resources to figure out how to package and sell an online course.”

She stumbled across a podcast interview with Ramit Sethi and discovered Zero to Launch.

“Everything he said resonated with me. I thought, ‘This is what I need to do to make my course a great success.’”

So she subscribed to his email list.

“I could understand the stories he told me. His failures and his successes were all things that I experienced to some degree.”

When the Zero to Launch sales doors opened, the decision to buy was an easy one.

“I figured if he could convince me to pull out my credit card and buy this expensive course, he could teach me to do the same for my audience.”

“People started answering me”

Since Heidi already had an email list and a course, she was keen to continue with the advanced parts.

“The first thing that struck me was that the course was insanely thorough. But some of the lessons seemed too “beginner” to me. I couldn’t get the point of them.”

However, after going through the exercises, her perspective changed.

“I kept having these aha moments. I discovered things about myself and my audience that I thought I already knew. I realized that there are still some things I don’t know.”

“For example, I thought I was in touch with my audience, but I was far away. When I started telling stories about my experiences in the fashion industry, an amazing thing happened: people started responding to me.”

“My first real start yielded more than 5 times my own effort”

Learning how to resonate with her audience changed the way Heidi sold her course.

“I made just over $1,000 from my course without knowing what I was doing. After going through the zero-to-launch system, I made $5,500 even though my email list was about the same size. I followed the processes and guidelines and they worked. It was like day and night.”

This changed the way Heidi thought about investing in herself and her business.

“I never want to look at something and think, ‘I should have done that 3 months ago.’ There’s no reason to do that when you have a successful plan to follow.”

“I finally have the confidence to call myself an entrepreneur”

Today Heidi looks different.

“Before, I hardly had the confidence to call myself an entrepreneur. My live workshops have raised $20,000 in 5 years.”

Heidi’s credit with Zero to Launch.

“Now, in just 5 months, I’ve made $30,000. I’m finally looking at this as a real business.”

But aside from being able to call herself a fashion designer and now a business owner, she realized another dream.

“I looked at the first vault in Module 1 of Zero to Launch. There were case studies from others sharing their success stories. I remember saying out loud to my husband, “One day I will sit in this chair. I’m going to be one of those case studies.’”

8 months later, Heidi is finally a success story

We were thrilled to bring Heidi into our studio. Watch the full interview where she reveals:

How to find your first business idea. Heidi turned a single observation into a side income and later an online business. You can use the same process to sketch out your next idea. (0:17)The #1 signal that it’s time to start an online business. After giving live workshops for 5 years, Heidi knew it was time to start an online business when participants kept giving her this one piece of feedback. (1:00)The power of storytelling. This tactic single-handedly woke a dormant email list and had them whipping out their credit cards in droves. (4:24)

Discover what it takes to go from selling a low-cost product to building a 7-figure business

Many people mistakenly believe that running a successful business is about creating a product that becomes a hit. The truth is, it’s more systematic than that.

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