February 2, 2023

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Florida Is the Most Prepared US State for Widespread Crypto Adoption: Research by Cointelegraph

It is not only pro-crypto regulations, but also a supporting infrastructure that allows for sustainable crypto adoption in any jurisdiction. Considering factors such as the number of (BTC) ATMs, blockchain companies, and public interest in cryptocurrencies, Florida is proving to be the most crypto-ready state in the United States.

The US hosts a network of 33,865 Bitcoin ATMs, accounting for 87.1% of all crypto ATM installations worldwide. Additionally, the nation contributes 37.8% to the global bitcoin hash rate, making the US the most dominant crypto player. However, a state analysis shows that not all 50 states are equally prepared for the inevitable mainstream adoption of crypto.

Top 10 Most Crypto Ready States. Source: InvezzUS states least prepared for crypto adoption. Source: InvezzUS states have the most bitcoin ATMs. Source: Invezz

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