February 2, 2023

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Tipid Hack: FREE and Cheap Transfers with Komo!

The current rise of digital banking leaves consumers with so many different banking options to choose from. Aside from convenience, another factor that users consider when choosing the right digital bank for them is the one that can help them save money and be smart with money.

That’s why we have some good news for all digital banking customers: Komo, EastWest’s digital banking service, is here to offer FREE interbank transfer services through PESONet, while urgent transfers only charge a fee of Php 8.00 over InstaPay is issued – the lowest fee the market can offer – a legitimate Tipid hack where customers don’t have to worry about high transfer fees!

As part of Komo’s ways to enhance users’ digital banking experience, PESONet interbank transfers are free! Customers can enjoy free transfers up to Php 500,000.00 per transaction and up to Php 1,000,000.00 per day. Transfers via PESONet made before 4:00 p.m. on bank days (excluding weekends and public holidays) are received on the same day.

Another way to enjoy free transfer services is to be on Komo! Users can maximize and enjoy FREE Komo-to-Komo transfers, where any amount of funds and payment transactions can be sent in the blink of an eye – another ultimate Tipid hack!

Finally, consumers who often use InstaPay as their trusted ally when making bank transfers can enjoy a much cheaper fee worth Php 8.00 per transfer to other banks with Komo – the lowest transfer fee yet! Komo users can transfer up to Php 50,000.00 per transaction and up to Php 200,000.00 per recipient per day via InstaPay. This will benefit those who want to make urgent transfers and instant payments.

By offering various shipping services, Komo satisfies all shipping needs of its customers. From instant transactions to sending larger amounts, Komo has you covered!

These Komo e-bank transfer services live up to their promise, Kontrol Mo Pera Mo, and are just one of Komo’s ways of providing reliable, convenient, and secure services to simplify Filipinos’ lives when it comes to money management – and ensuring that the Users doing this will have more control and flexibility in managing their finances!

To learn more about Komo’s convenient and hassle-free transfers, click here:

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Check out the handy banking features and stay tuned for more offers and updates!