February 8, 2023

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week – Issue 201

research of the week

A time-restricted diet combined with a low-carb diet is more effective than either alone in reducing visceral fat and metabolic syndrome.

Creatine monohydrate is still the best form of creatine.

Worse air pollution, worse COVID.

How stress increases junk food consumption in the brain

Athletes can sleep better (and perform better) with nightly protein and carbohydrates.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Primal Kitchen Podcast: The Connection Between Dairy Intolerance and Dairy Genes with Alexandre Family Farm Founders Blake and Stephanie

Primal Health Coach Radio: The Ever-Evolving Coach with Bryce Henson

Media, Smith

30-year waiting list for Japanese Kobe beef croquettes.

Octopuses build their brains in the same way as vertebrates.

Interesting blog posts

There is a growing commercial demand for non-vaccinated blood banks.

Social Notes

About protein poisoning.

Does This break my fast?

Everything else

The link between homicide rate and state history.

Things I plan to do and am interested in

Interesting concept: The “anti-Promethean backlash”.

Interesting Study: Muscle endurance training combined with walking seems to be the best workout for older people who want to improve their sleep.

Important nuance: you can gain strength during the diet, but probably not muscle mass.

Another interesting study: Listening appeals to our intuition, while reading encourages analysis.

Relevant for trained lifters: To make more progress, you might want to train to failure.

question I ask

How do you exercise mastery over the physical world?

Recipe Corner Summary of Paleo Thanksgiving recipes. Gelatinous pumpkin pudding. time capsule

One year ago (Nov 12 – Nov 18)

How To Tell Friends About The Original Lifestyle – Here’s How. Maintaining Bone Density As You Age – It’s not just about the muscles. comment of the week

“The best exercise program is the one you actually follow consistently.

A single, weekly game of beer league hockey, ultimate frisbee, or golf isn’t nearly as effective as a Starting Strength NLP (or other science-based program) combined with a weekly game…but perfect really is the enemy of good.

“Fun” is a great motivator, but it’s only a subset of “passion.” Passions vary, but every successful lifter has a passion for completing each different workout they choose with appropriate depth and consistency.”


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Primal Kitchen 7 days, 7 salads challenge

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